Ai on the verge of taking over

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It was among the hottest buzzwords of 2018 in the tech and business worlds, but take a more in-depth look in the critical regions for AI, and you will notice it is still in its early stages, with many products at the minimum stages.

Self-driving car companies are still not permitted to market their vehicles to customers due to continuing legal and technical roadblocks, not to mention security. Meanwhile, speech recognition technology still struggles to gain traction in more varied regions beyond the US and Europe, like Southeast Asia, because of the massive number of languages and accents.

However, AI’s impact on companies and consumer habits is incontrovertible.

Unsurprisingly, the industry that is leading the charge concerning investments in building AI capacities are big tech firms based in the USA and China, like Google and Bytedance, with diversified portfolios which touch on multiple different industries from entertainment to applied science.

At the beginning of the year, we published a list of 100 promising AI startups across the world, and we saw businesses from the cybersecurity industry rising to prominence. Seven months later, Crunchbase highlighted 20 well-funded startups to look out for with a combined total of $8,448mil in equity financing, and we saw cybersecurity companies among those with the maximum amount of funding.

As funding and investments continue to grow bigger for AI in cybersecurity, robotics and computer vision, players in these sectors will undoubtedly reap the maximum benefits during the next five decades. This is unfortunate, since some customers may not even be about to experience this technology for themselves.